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Spinal Decompression is one of the most effective non-surgical solutions to treating spinal disc related problems that frequently cause low back and leg pain. Spinal Decompression in Nanuet works by gently stretching your body and immediately reduces pressure off the joints, discs and nerves of your spine.

What is Spinal Decompression in Nanuet?

This therapy increases joint movement, tissue blood flow and nutrient-rich fluids back into the spinal discs. As the space of the spinal disc increases the bulging or herniated portion is retracted back towards the center of the disc. As the disc begins to properly heal and remodel nerve pressure is greatly reduced. The doctor controls the specific location and the intensity of decompression. Therapy is always provided to the patient's individual tolerance and comfort level.

Hudson Health & Spine uses two types of decompression. We have flexion decompression and the Kennedy Decompression Technique (KDT) table for decompression treatment. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about this treatment or if we can help you reach your health goals.


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