Physical Therapy in Nanuet

Physical Therapy in Nanuet NY

Physiotherapy has existed since time immemorial. It has been used for generations to alleviate pain or act as a mode of managing chronic pain. The pain is usually an effect of accidents or diseases.

Hence, physiotherapy in Nanuet plays an integral role to complement some other therapeutic procedures which assist patients in recovering as fast as possible. The ability of physiotherapy to work with various other curative interventions has increased success rates of recovery for some very chronic conditions such as stroke, injuries and cardio-related conditions.

This intervention is spearheaded by physical therapists who are accredited caregivers focusing on the physical exercises and procedures to actualize its therapeutic aims. Moreover, a physical therapist’s job is not limited to specific levels of treatment like other medical professionals. Physiotherapists at Hudson Health & Spine take part in all levels of treatment which begins from diagnosis, and prevention to tertiary care.

It is evident that physiotherapy works by itself to correct physical deformities in the body and help in the management of pain. However, it can also work with other forms of cures to make those therapeutic interventions successful. In this article, we are going to unpack physical therapy as a reliable form of curative medicine.


Physical therapy is a treatment that a certified physician can recommend to a patient or it can be a decision a victim can take personally after analyzing their symptoms. The decision to undergo physical therapy in Nanuet, is always left to the victim or next of kin if a victim is unable to make rational choices.

The processes that take place at a physical therapy clinic include:

  • Patients undergo grueling sessions of physical activities. The physical activities vary from simple workouts to very complicated and taxing physical exercises which are meant to help with repair of bones and muscle tissues. The activities are aimed at the affected area to expedite the recovery process.
  • The medical results which are gotten from the physical activities are used to formulate a recovery plan for the victim. The treatment plan is always personalized to patients’ medical pasts and their levels of physical endurance. The records are integral in choosing the types of physical activities to employ for a victim.
  • The physiotherapists at Hudson Health & Spine also recommend self-management plan for a patient so that they can take care of themselves regardless of the presence or absence of a physiotherapist.
  • Most importantly, a victim is also supervised by a certified physician who recommends the best types of physical activities to do while at home.

Conditions Cured with Physical Therapy in Nanuet NY

Physiotherapy plays a critical role in the treatment of many diseases. This feat achieves by working with other therapeutic interventions. Furthermore, its success is attributed to its ability to work in tandem with other treatment methods. The emphasis on physical activities as the ideal treatment to some conditions as compared to the use of drugs has made it perfect it an intervention of choice for recovery.

The conditions treated with physical therapy in Nanuet include - Parkinson’s disease, temporomandibular joint disorder, trigger finger, traumatic brain surgeries, back pain, carpal tunnel, concussions, paralysis, lymphedema, etc.


Alleviates Pain

Pain is the reason why many people always seek health intervention. Moreover, the pain becomes even more unbearable if it is chronic pain and its roots cannot be explained.

Therefore, several physical therapy sessions play a vital role in making the joints and movement muscles to regenerate and restore the body to its previous or almost to its previous form. The full recovery brings with it, liberation from endless bouts of pain.

Averts the Possibility of Going for Surgery

Surgery is a very unpredictable process because the margins separating life and death are always very minimal, meaning anything can happen when a patient is on the table. According to research, 30% of patients whose treatment are done through surgical procedures die due to surgical complications.

Therefore, if there are other alternative treatment measures, they should be first considered. Surgery should be the last option should the other forms of treatment fail.


Athletes are prone to getting injuries due to the physical demands of their profession. The injury can be gotten anywhere be it on the training field or during competitive matches.

Hence, a consistent physiotherapy regime with the help of Hudson Health & Spine helps in keeping them in shape by giving endurance to vital body parts that are important in that type of sport. For example, in American football, the parts of the body that are always prepped a lot are the torso and the legs.


Physiotherapy works with other various treatment plans to help patients recover.

Orthopedics therapy is used to enhance the functions of the musculoskeletal structure from the effects of injuries and diseases. The parts of the body that are recommendable for this type of therapy are the muscles, tendons, bones. It helps in the rehabilitation process after surgery, sprains, fractures.

Neurological physiotherapy helps deal with injuries that affect the nervous system which includes the nervous structure and the brain. nanuet physical therapy clinics have strict physiotherapy policies that are essential for securing patients’ credentials.

It seeks to regenerate the body’s muscles to enable the body to carry its weight and be able to move while holding the body weight. It is a vital treatment for neurological diseases such as stroke, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease.


Several issues come into play when choosing a physiotherapist of choice. Issues such as the specialized therapy required, the insurance coverage of a victim and the locale of a victim.

The regulatory body’s website of this profession contains the contacts of various physiotherapists for different conditions and injuries.

SportsCare physical therapy Nanuet, NY is among the leading physiotherapist medical institutions in the US and offers cutting edge therapeutic care for patients.


It takes an average of 7 years to be an accredited physiotherapist. However, the duration varies depending on the technicality of an area of specialty.

After successful completion of a course of choice, a physiotherapist can major on areas like clinical electrophysiology, sports physio, neurology or sports physio.


Physiotherapy is essential in maintaining and enhancing people's fitness. Hence, it should not only be a rehabilitative measure, but it should also be used as a preventive measure for keeping away diseases and injuries.

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